“We cannot build the future for our youth—but we can build our youth for the future.” 

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Music education provides stu­dents the opportunity to develop skills needed to be successful both in life and at work. Music provides students with opportunities to develop founda­tional skills, including those that pro­mote social and emotional well-being, a sense of responsibility, strong character, adaptability, and a strong work ethic. Music awakens students’ curiosity, initiative, persistence, and leadership, as well as social and cultural awareness.
Not only does music teach skills from within the music curriculum, but it extends to those skills taught in other disciplines. Yes, the music itself is important, but the lessons students learn while being involved in a music program are of equal importance. We often hear of the importance of supporting students in the devel­opment of 21st century skills. Skills at the top of many hiring manager lists include leadership, working collaboratively, be­ing able to make decisions and solve problems, communicating effectively with people inside and outside the organization, and planning, organizing and prioritizing work.

From our youngest learner to our budding virtuosos, WeMusic is dedicated to building correlations between music education essential skills required for success. Our programs are designed to move music education from ancillary to essential for 21st century learning and success.  We are committed to helping our students connect learning with real life and to provide them with the necessary skills to prepare them for meaningful leadership.


If we seize this moment and work together, our children will be our most valuable assets to compete in our new normal.

Our Values

Music is a powerful vehicle to broaden and further the education of your child and their future success. WeMusic offers music instruction that goes beyond traditional technical development and music literacy that creates a good musician and performance. WeMusic knows education as well as music for the new generation and we know what is required for the 21st century. 


Though our teaching and curriculum design, students will see the world and their role within it, in a different way. We believe that 21st Century education and your success is rooted in these essential skills, that you will use them not only throughout your education, but throughout your career and everyday life experiences. 


Our education experts and faculty understand the relationship between music education and the development of essential skills. These skills are imperative for the development and the betterment of the individual, their ongoing education and their ultimate success and milestones within their life.


Thus, WeMusic commits to offering music instruction that identifies, practices and grows the Five C’s: 

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Confidence (Leadership)

Reimagined Music Education

WeMusic creates a learning community centered around music where students develop intellectual, technical and social competencies through their engagement in music education. At the core of student instruction, WeMusic emphasizes the importance of a growth mindset encouraged with continuous reflection, self-critique, and positive, constructive critique on the part of our teachers. Increased competency on their instruments is attributed to focused, consistent work, and supportive guidance rather than the idea of intrinsic talent.


The following competencies in WeMusic Instruction form the basis of

our students' emerging identities as strong, empowered learners.



Music literacy

 Learning how to practice 

 Self-directed learning






 Instrumental technique
 Aural skills



Cooperative learning
Communication skills
Problem solving skills 
Confidence/ Leadership skills

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