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WeMusic Mission

WeMusic is committed to bringing superior music education and cultural enrichment through a suite of online and offline masterclasses and events. WeMusic efficiently offers superior access to world-class musicians and educators for music lovers everywhere. WeMusic also targets underserved students to ensure the fulfillment of its worthy social and artistic mission to the world.


Mei He

Founder and President

NYO-China Foundation, Chairman

Center for China and Globalization, â€‹Executive Director

Wailian Overseas Consulting Group, President

Dr. Timothy V. Blair

Strategic Corporate Partner

Dean (Ret.) College of Visual and Performing Arts, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Steinway Artist

Management Team

Max Lu

Development Director

Marisa Steward

Education Director

Serene Li

Public Relations Manager

Ray Chang

Digital Content and Design Manager

WeMusic is a proud sponsor of NYO-China

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