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Music Inspiration Series

Online Group Music Classes with a Twist!

Click below for more information about our classes! 

In our virtual classroom, we incorporate our core values by ensuring students develop collaboration, communication, creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills

in a fun, interactive ensemble setting. 


WeMusic offers a virtual performance opportunity as a final project and

accomplishment to share with family and friends. 

Our group music classes are ideal for aspiring musicians or anyone looking for a creative, exciting musical challenge while studying privately or looking for a fun, new way to begin their music learning journey. 

Real knowledge lasts a lifetime and changes you. Technique is empowering and the anchor that will help you trust yourself. My purpose is to help guide you in combining technique with your individual artistic needs to create the singer you envision yourself to be.

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How does our Music Inspiration Series Work?

Designed for Students from age 5-15

Course Duration 6 Classes

Rolling enrollment based on registration; additional sessions open if requested

Online Classroom Learning Approach

  • Live Interactive Class: Zoom with password protected

  • Pre-Recorded Video Lessons for kids ages 10-15

Classroom Capacity 

  • 1 vs 15 Students Virtual Classroom (ages 5-9)

  • 1 vs 12 Students Virtual Classroom (ages 10-15)

Flipped Classroom Model for classes ages 10-15

  • 10-15 min instructional video will be sent out to students weekly that focus on technical skills, allowing students to learn independently, at their own pace

  • Students work on application of skills, peer collaboration and feedback with instructor IN class

Final Performance Presentation 

Each course ends with a Virtual Ensemble Performance that students will collaborate on, record and receive as a final showcase project to share with family and friends

Virtual Final Performance

Group Peer Relational Building Exercises

Live Interactive Class

Confidence & Communication Development Exercises

Ages 5-9

Technical Skills

Instructional Video

Live Interactive Class

Skills in Technology

Focused Essential Skills Exercises

Virtual Final Performance

Agers 10-15

Class Structure


What ages is this for?


What do I need?
You will need a computer or mobile device with a microphone, camera, and that allows for the ZOOM app to be downloaded and opened. Stable Internet connection is needed as well along with headphones or earbuds. For enrollment in our Violin Group class, please have your violin ready for participation. 

Are classes on the same days at the same time? How many classes? How many weeks?
Yes, the class runs every week for 6 weeks on the day/time that you registered for. Each Zoom class is 1 hour long. 


How many students are in each class?
Our group classes are designed to give the best possible experience with a minimum of 5 students and no more than 15 students in each course. For one-to-one instruction, please inquire about the amazing private instructional lessons we offer at WeMusic by emailing

Are courses grouped by level or age group?
Our group instruction is for beginners to intermediate level students looking to supplement their current music instruction or who are interested in music lessons but not quite sure what area to pursue. However, if we receive enough interest, we will open another time of instruction to better group students according to age and level. All additional classes will be offered an hour before or after the original scheduled time, to limit scheduling issues as best as possible.

What is a flipped classroom?
In the traditional model, the teacher delivers the knowledge to the student in a finite amount of time. With the flipped classroom, students have direct access to the knowledge and the teacher saves as a coach and mentor. During live instruction, teachers are able to focus on the application of skills and dive deeper into the usage of these skills in a student’s performance.

Are the mini instructional videos part of the flipped classroom method?
Yes. This allows students to practice and prepare for their upcoming live class so that instructional time can be focused on the application of skills, peer interaction, creative collaboration, and critical thinking 

What are the benefits of a flipped classroom?
The flipped classroom method allows for self-made learning. Students can prepare for a class whenever they want and take any length of time to finish.  Parents can easily keep track of their child’s performance and have access to all of the learning materials. Hence, parents have the chance to participate and monitor the progress of their children.

Do parents need to help?
Yes and No. In the beginning, parents may need to assist their younger children with logging onto Zoom. However, the course is designed to allow teachers to fully engage with their students on a one hour, weekly basis for optimal instruction and to give parents the opportunity to use that hour for themselves or focus on another task that needs attention. 

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