Bringing Broadway to Your Bedroom
 Musical Theatre Series 

Discover and develop the strengths of your voice through Music Theatre classes with Blake Brauer. These courses provide students an environment to freely explore their vocal techniques, character development, and music from a popular Broadway musical that ends in a virtual performance showcase for your kids!


6 Classes will develop budding musical theatre enthusiasts in 3 stages. 

  • Students will focus on basic vocal technique and building physical awareness through breath as you learn a piece from MT literature. 

  • Students will then craft storytelling skills and learn about character development through song.

  • Complete the course by synthesizing the skills you've developed in earlier classes and bring attention to creative expression and the power of performance.

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Starting Date: Classes start Aug 4 

Tuesday 11am- 12pm  EST


Thursday 6:30pm- 7:30pm EST

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Free Introductory Lesson to our Bringing Broadway to Your Bedroom Course!

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Instructor : Blake Brauer

  • Illinois Wesleyan University -- ​BFA Music Theatre​

  • Music Director and Teaching Artist at New York Pops Ed

  • Extremely experienced jazz pianist, vocal coach and songwriter

No Commitment Musical Theatre Classes!
Drop-In Musical Theatre Performance Hour on Zoom!

​Whether you are preparing for that highly-coveted lead role for the school musical, a slot in the community talent show or simply want to impress you, friends, with your diverse vocal talents and performance skills, students looking to try something new or continue their musical theatre training will leave these classes wanting more!

  • Learn to Act, Dance, and Sing famous Broadway audition selections, every  musical theatre lover needs to know.  

  • “Top 8” audition selections every musical theatre lover needs to know. 

  • Attend for Fun or For a Career on stage!

  • Make meaningful connections in the theatre Industry for life!

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Bringing Broadway to Your Bedroom

Musical Theatre Group Series

End of Summer Discount!

Limited Time Offer Ends Aug 15!



Original Class Price

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