Practice Assistance

In addition to studying under a great instructor, learning how to practice well is essential to the development and success of every musician. Time spent in focused and strategic practice is vital to the health and progress of every student. Repeating bad habits, lack of focused attention and the inability to extract specific issues and deal with them effectively are challenges that musicians face in their ongoing practice. An experienced practice coach can help eliminate these destructive habits and improve the student’s ability to practice with maximum efficiency.


A good practice coach can be an invaluable part of a serious music student’s progress. We hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity to dramatically improve the productivity of your private practice time – a skill set that will benefit you both now, and well into the future!


Our Practice Room Coaches commit to:

  1. Supporting both the student and their private teacher in the improvement of their instrument of study and accompany repertoire

  2. Provide weekly written reports for parents, teachers and students to view to assist with the development and progress of the student.

  3. To maintain a high standard of practice amongst students, encouraging positive work and achievement

  4. To be sensitive to the musical and learning needs and styles of each student, always working creatively, helping them to reach their full potential.

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