2020 WeMusic Choir Camps

Since our fast-changing, unpredictable, and yes, challenging world demands a new kind of musical preparation for today’s generation, WeMusic is creating a new paradigm for music education, and we are very excited about the results.  The full integration of high-level musicianship and career skills development is what truly differentiates our approach from what has come before. 


Summer 2020 brings Exclusive, Unique and  Creative Learning opportunities for singers and choral students to develop and enhance the essentials of performance skills while encouraging a high development of leadership and career skills for a developing global-minded generation. 


Many programs are a stand-alone curriculum in either performance or leadership skills development,  offering little to create substantive change. Rather WeMusic is committed to a rigorous focus on core musicianship, surrounded and infused by a growing number of engaging opportunities that can help students best prepare themselves to create their own 21st-century musical lives.

Students spend their time with a high-energy group of peers who love to sing, learning from top professionals who know how to develop strong 21st Century minded musicians. Every day includes:

Performance by guest artists

Masterclasses by leaders within the NYC music industry


Leadership and 21st Century Career skills development workshops. 

WeMusic's 21st Century Careers through Music Workshops

explore the following:

Teamwork and Collaboration

How to be a manager, member of a team in a diverse group of people with varying skill sets and talents

Leadership Development

How to a leader, a follower, give direction, and how to take direction

How to be self-directed and self-corrective


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

How to come up with multiple solutions to problems, test, evaluate and then revise within a fast-paced, constantly changing environment

How to evaluate the results and raise their idea


Performing at world-class venues with WE-music!

Click below to join us for these unique performance opportunities

If you love to sing and have a passion to lead or encourage your peers, these study-abroad opportunities are for you!

Join WeMusic during Summer 2020  to participate in wonderful, experiential and impactful seminars of singing and global-minded education opportunities. 

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