Breaking Free through Song
 Pop Music Voice Lesson Series 

In this course, you will learn how to sing and use your voice to express yourself through music. You will start to learn the difference between singing solo, vocal, or choir parts within a song. You will be taught how to approach a piece of music to effectively tell a story within music through popular song techniques and exercises. Throughout the course, we will be working on exploring the basics of music production together, collaborating on a music video for the finale of our program. Students will learn how to create a music video by creating a theme, recording their own vocal parts, and submitting a video of them performing the popular music.

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Instructor: Kyla Gabka

  • Columbia College Chicago BA Music & Musical Theater

  • Associate Director of Musicality, contestant of America’s Got Talent

  • Leading Actress of The Little Mermaid in Concert, playing “Ariel”

  • Experienced in audition, teaching and performance

Skills Enhanced:

Critical thinking, Ensemble Singing, Solo Singing, Musical Collaboration, Aural Listening

By the end of this course, students will:

1. Have enhanced their ability to interpret popular music.

2. Understand how a character can affect the music.

3. Have gained the ability to understand how to learn vocal parts through pre-recorded learning tracks

4. Understand how to sing a solo versus how to sing group vocals

5. Understand the process of making a music video. 


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Breaking Free through Song

Voice Instruction Group Series

Early Bird Registration

Limited Time Offer Ends September 25



Original Class Price

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