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College Admissions & Audition Preparation

Enhance your Chance to Attend your Dream School  with Outstanding Performance & Application Preparation!

The 21st Century seeks versatile talents, and we believe that learning music makes you just that - the power of music equips you with an open mind, sharp intelligence, and unique personal charm. No matter what you choose for your future, a solid musical strength can knock open many doors for you, if you simply show your commitment and passion in music through your accomplishments. WE-music would love to connect you online with global top musicians and educators, who are excited to teach you and help you shine your musical achievements for your next big opportunity in life!

Student Testimony

I was attending high school in Australia when I decided to pursue pop music and audio engineering. My dream school was Berklee College of Music in Boston. I had a piano foundation but little training in music theory and aural skills. WeMusic found me this amazing teacher who can essentially do everything - he instructed my classical piano performance, taught me how to play jazz, coached my electronic music production, trained my aural and sight singing skills, and helped me prepare for my audition and interview. In just a couple months, I felt ready. Before my audition, I arrived in New York where WeMusic set up a two-seek intensive program for me where I took daily lessons and spent time practicing, between two mock auditions, which were very helpful. I couldn’t believe it when I received the offer from Berklee - it was a dream came true! I am thankful for my WeMusic teachers and glad I worked so hard.”


- Yingtong, Guangzhou

Audition Preparation Program

Elite Faculty for Private Coaching 

Synchronous Instruction with faculty from top conservatories and university music

programs in the U.S, meet at least once a week online with their students to assist

with improving performance and musicianship. Our artists have earned degrees

from competitive music programs within higher-ed institutions, later many going

on to teach within elite programs of music all over the world. Our roster of artists

also reflect alumni in all disciplines of music study, offering our students a glimpse

of professional life as a performer, educator, audio engineer, and various other

careers within the music industry.

Repertoire Preparation

Each of our Elite Teachers are dedicated to thoroughly preparing selected music

for pre-screening video and live audition to university and conservatory programs.

WeMusic Faculty experts offer our applicants a third-person perspective and

deeper insights on audition panel impressions and school selections.

School Selection & Major of Study

Based on progress evaluation and in-depth conversations regarding student’s

goals and career aspirations, WeMusic identifies the schools that fit a student’s

unique personality, strengths, and talents. Holding degrees in top conservatories

and highly competitive music programs, our teaching artists have a personal

insight into course offerings, faculty, performance opportunities, and campus life.

Our instructors alongside the student identify institutions of interest and a major

of study, in order to build an individualized course of action.


Application Enhancement 

• Resume and CV Building

• Admission Application and Essay Coaching

• Interview Coaching

• Scholarship/ Talent Rewards Application and Process Monitoring

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