Choral Music and Conducting

By James Jordan, Ph.D, D.Mus.

Grammy ™ nominated conductor and Co-Director of The Choral Institute at Oxford is the most published musician/artist in the world.  The author of 55 books, his teachings are read and studied by thousands of conductors around the world.  Dr. Jordan will design all online study in choral music and choral conducting providing an educational online experience that will advance you and your choirs.  Dr. Jordan is praised around the world and has been called a “visionary” by the  American Choral Journal. He is the conductor of the acclaimed professional choir, The Same Stream (


2017-2018 marks the release of four new recordings with him as conductor: Silence into Light (Westminster Williamson Voices); Abide, (The Same Stream Choir) and featuring the music of Thomas LaVoy, Dan Forrest, Peter Relph and Paul Mealor; Stabat Mater: The Music of Paul Mealor (The Same Stream Choir) and Sunrise Mass: Music of Ola Gjielo (Westminster Williamson Voices). All are or will be available through iTunes and Amazon.


Dr. Jordan’s career and publications have been devoted to innovative educational changes in the choral art, which have been embraced around the world by thousands of conductors and music teachers. He is the most published musician author in the world.

Online Choral Study

Designed by James Jordan, the world’s leading pedagogue in choral music, WeMusic brings you a distinctly unique and ground-breaking program for the study of choral conducting right into your own home or studio.  All levels of conductors are welcome to join this transformative training experience. Professor Jordan has dedicated his career to being an innovator in the Choral Arts, with over 30 years of conducting experience, teaching thousands of conductors around the world in both choral conducting and choral rehearsal techniques. Through these series of courses, we are sharing a cutting edge and modern approaches to teaching and learning. WeMusic is dedicated to raising the artistic level of both you and your choir through this innovative online instructional platform.

Choral Artistry & Pedagogy Reimagined Courses

  • The Choral Rehearsal ReImagined!

  • Vocal Techniques for Choirs of All Levels

  • Conducting Techniques 

  • Live-Streaming Private Coaching

Course Highlights

  • Each sequential and easy to understand online course can be 
    completed in 4 weeks 

  • Organized video instruction along with readings each week with a singular educational focus and instructor feedback

  • Sharing the latest in voice science to ensure quality vocal health for your choral members 

  • Participants will receive a printed booklet in both Chinese and English of highlighted methods and materials derived from all 55 publications authored by Dr. Jordan

  • Upon completion of each course, conductors will receive a signed certificate of completion from Dr. James Jordan, issued by WE-music

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